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The Persian art of “Minakari” or “Enamelling”

Are they glass? 'No' - Clay? 'No, They are copper enamel plate!!'. 
One of the most frequent question we have been asked. The more you know about the pieces, the more precious they will be to you. So why not have a 50-second read about the Art of Minakari!
Minakari Mina Plate
Painting Mina is a very complicated art and it takes a lot of skill and experience, and we at Iran sheen want to give you an idea of the amount of effort and history that goes into these beautiful pieces, since we offer these fascinating products ourselves. So here are a few interesting facts and details about the art form:
The Persian art of “Minakari” or in translated version “enamelling” is known as the miniature of fire. To create these ravishing pieces, many different art styles are used in conjunction. These include painting, colouring and ornamenting the surface of the metals, especially copper. 
Persian Art of Mina
Photo by www.beytoote.com
Patterns are carved on these delicate handmade dishes and they are smoothed over, cleaned and glazed. After being put into high pressure heat, the artist then starts designing the beautiful Eslimi patterns. (More about 'Eslimi Design' in our blogs) 
Mina Plate Enamel
Photo by www.surfiran.com
If you have seen our Minakari products you might have a few questions.
Firstly why is it called Mina, and why is the main colour that is used in the designs is blue?  To begin with, “Mina” in Farsi Mina is a symbol of Sky and also a flower in two main colours white and blue. There is another saying that Mina means heaven, and the colour azure is the representation of heaven, so both the name and colour of these pieces symbolises heaven. The design is a mix of patterns inspired by the nature, such as birds and animals. Its floral background is built of beautiful and bright colours that are found in different seasons of nature:  blue, green, yellow and red, and are combined together alluringly.
The history of Minakari goes back 5000 years in Iran, during the Arsacides and Sassanid periods. This design was spread to other countries such as India after the Mongols came to Iran.
Now you know more about Minakari why not add some blue accent to your wall or your tea table!!
Minakari Mina Plate
Written by Written by Shiva NMoussa and Elnaz Sedighara

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