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The Ingenuity17 Experience!

Last Friday, the team at Iran Sheen were excited to spend the weekend away from the office! Instead, we headed over to The University of Nottingham to attend Ingenuity17, the University’s annual three-day entrepreneurship conference which showcases the talents of the brightest young businessmen and women. 
So, who took part? We met with a range of industry experts, professionals and budding entrepreneurs with big ideas and even bigger passion.
And what did we do? We got to hear from inspirational speakers and connect with other like-minded individuals who share our entrepreneurial spirit. The first two days consisted of idea development sessions – how to take fantastic ideas and build them into products and services for the market. With the help of industry experts, specialist academics and peers, we were able to work towards giving our customers the very best we have to offer. The final day was a little different; having heard from so many interesting and inspiring individuals from the previous days, we were now ready to stand on our own two feet. The conference ended with pitches from each business (including ours!), – as to why we’re doing what we’re doing and why we love it.
Nottingham Entrepreneur Iran Sheen’s founder, Elnaz Sedighara, highlights the opportunity to learn about other businesses as one of things she most enjoyed most about the experience. ‘There was so much to take away from Ingenuity17! It was a great opportunity to see Tori Murphy, and how she has expanded her business. Also, the wealth of feedback given to me by various experts means I can continuously use that feedback to grow and improve my business.’
Iran Sheen Iran Sheen

The high levels of energy, excitement and sunny weather were the ideal ingredients for a fantastic Ingenuity17 experience. We had a great time! We hope everyone else had an equally enjoyable weekend, whether it was spent relaxing at home or out and about exploring.

Written by Runah Begum and Elnaz Sedighara

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