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Khatam - Why I am fascinated by Khatam art!

Khatam Artwork Khatam Kari Persian Handicraft

Have you ever heard of khatam? Maybe you have and that's why you are on our blog or maybe you have not. However, now that you are here find out about this alluring ancient Persian design. Khatam artwork is used for decorating surface of objects with delicate, breath- taking and precisely cut geometric patterns.

Khātam is an ancient Persian technique of inlaying where art forms are made by decorating the surface of wooden articles with delicate pieces of wood, bone and metal precisely-cut intricate geometric patterns. As surprising as it may sound in each cubic centimetre of inlaid work there are more than 250 pieces of metal, bone and different kinds of wood are laid side by side, glued together in stages, smoothed, oiled and polished. It is all about the structure of different shapes assembled together.

The materials that can be used in Khatam work are gold, silver, brass and aluminium. In this industry the smaller the pieces are the more difficult the production is. This is one of the factors that increases the value of Khatam artwork.

The history of Khatam started in the 17th century in the Safavid era. After the mongols invasion, the Persians were inspired by the Chinese inlay method which was a much simpler black and white triangle. This lead to the creation of colourful and more sophisticated artworks by Persians/Iranians.
These beautiful designs can be observed in di
fferent cities of Iran, mainly the southern cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz and Kerman on the windows, door and Quran boxes.

Iransheen has made it possible for everyone around the world to have these magical Persian treasures. Just go to our Khatamkari / Marquetry collections and pick your favourite khatam box!

Having a piece of Persia is not a dream anymore!


Written by Shiva NMoussa and Elnaz Sedighara

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