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The Glory of Jasmine - Geometry Art Online Live Workshop

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The Glory of Jasmine
شُکوهِ یاس

 Welcome to the Geometry Art workshop from the Glory of Jasmine series. 

The story of Jasmine:

Jasmine is like a poem from Persia. Delicate, atmospheric and sweetly fragrant. Jasmine is elegant with attractive dark green leaves and beautifully scented white star-shaped flowers. The name 'Jasmine' is derived from the Persian (Farsi) word Yasmin/ Yas - یاس - . In the language of flowers, Jasmine stands for purity, modesty and strength. No wonder why it's known as a heavenly flower.
It's a symbol of 'The Lady of Light' - Fatimah, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Them). Her character is supremely pure and her status is elevated to the highest station of all women. Lady Fatimah's birth anniversary forms the origin of celebrations for Women & Mother's Day in Iran. According to the lunar calendar, this beautiful occasion will take place in February this year. We wish to extend the spirit of celebrating the Lady of Light to Mother's Day in the UK and many other parts of the world. And so The Glory of Jasmine series in Farsi and English has been curated for you! 
This premium series of workshops led by our three talented designers, Ghazaleh Khayat - Geometry Art, Fatemeh Kian - Watercolour, and Mona Zarbaf - Calligraphy, .

This session is about...

You will learn the steps to make a more complicated and delicate geometric pattern on paper. Then the steps on how to transfer your design to other surfaces by using tracing paper. 


Farsi Session: Saturday, 30th Jan 2021, 18:00 - 19:00 GMT

English Session: Saturday, 6th Feb 2021, 18:00 - 19:00 GMT


Online - Zoom platform (The link will be provided to you by email after registration).

About Our Instructor:

Ghazaleh is an International art instructor who has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and is doing her second PhD in Islamic Studies. She has been holding art workshops in Canada, USA, and Iran. Iran Sheen has been honoured to organise 19 workshops with Ghazaleh in the UK and this time globally. Ghazaleh's workshop offers a great opportunity for those who are interested in traditional Middle Eastern, Persian and Islamic art.

'Geometry was a bridge connecting my childhood memories, love for my home country and my engineering background. I was so impressed by this art that I started self-educating myself in traditional middle eastern arts focusing on Geometric patterns; there was plenty of resources in my native language which I could learn from. After a while, some friends asked me to share the analysis and show them how to draw those beautiful patterns.' Dr Ghazaleh Khayat


After your registration, we will send the file that you need to print it in black and white before the workshop. The file includes the patterened background which is called isometric grid. It is in three different sizes and printing one page of it is sufficient for the workshop.

Applicants should prepare their material for this workshop as following:

- Print of the file

- White Paper

- Pencil and Eraser 

- Ruler

- Tape

-Tracing Paper

- One table spoon (no plastic). You'll find out during the workshop! :)

This workshop is...

  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Open to the public
  • Suits any age from 12
  • Limited spaces are available.

Special Offer:

£5 off as a gift for Mother's day celebration. 

If you buy more than one workshop or you book more than one place in any of the workshops you will get 10% discount on all your workshops.

Note: When you buy your ticket you will receive a confirmation email and your place is secured with us at the workshop. You will not receive any hardcopy ticket through the post.


If you have any enquiry please contact us at: info@iransheen.co.uk

Fun Fact:

Jasmine came to Europe from Persia (Iran) via trade routes, but both East and West have been fascinated by these blooms for centuries. The sweet and unmistakeable fragrance made the plant incredibly popular. Jasmine's buds sometimes have more scent than the actual flower, and some species only flower after sunset.

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