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Iran Sheen

Two Session Online Quilling Art Workshop - Make your Own Card this year with a touch of Persian Paisley - 29th November & 6th December


These two sessions are about...

Mona Zarbaf and Elaheh Bararsani, two of our London resident artists, came together to explore Iranian motif by adding their unique initiatives. This time they offer how to draw the Persian paisley.

Mona will introduce you to this beautiful motif and then you trace it on a water-colour paper and will finish its drawing. Last but not least, you enter to the delicate and magical world of quilling! After making your exciting quilling shapes, you will add them to your painting as a final step to create your own authentic and beautiful card!


First Session: 29th November 2020, 14:00 - 16:00 UK Time

Second Session: 6th December 2020, 14:00 - 16:00 UK Time


Online - Zoom platform (The link will be provided to you by email after registration).


You could add workshop material to your ticket from here. It is including 600 strips quilling papers, plain card, glue, the print of the pattern and 8 kinds of tools such as quilling board, tweezers, paper quilling pen and scissors. 

Last date to place your request for workshop material:

- Within the UK: 24th November 2020

- International: 15th November 2020

If you choose to prepare your own material: 

Please make sure you have the following items before the workshop: strips of your favourite colour of quilling papers, plain card, glue, quilling board, tweezers, paper quilling pen and scissors. 

About Our Designers & Instructors:

Mona Zarbaf is a freelance designer, artist and the author of 'Eastern Garden: Flowers of Oriental Carpet’ book. She works in different fields of art mostly oriental arts. She is an expert in illumination (Tazhib) and calligraphy. She also creates art pieces with Islamic geometric designs and quilling touch.

Elaheh Bararsani is a freelancer in various art fields including textiles, embroidery, cross-stitching, calligraphy and of course quilling.

At this workshop...

  • You will be awarded a certificate of completion of this workshop.
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Open to the public
  • Suits any age from 12
  • Limited spaces are available.

Special Offer:

Get %10 discount when you book more than one quilling workshop which applies automatically at checkout.

If you have any enquiry contact us at info@iransheen.co.uk

Note: When you buy your ticket you will receive a confirmation email and your place is secured with us at the workshop. You will not receive any hardcopy ticket through the post. If you ordered workshop materials with your ticket, you will receive them by post.


If you have any enquiry contact us at: info@iransheen.co.uk

Featured Reviews:

The workshops were absolutely brilliant. Painting motifs and quilling is something completely new for me, so was a bit worried that I won't manage. However, both Mona and Elaheh were extremely helpful and understanding. They shared a lot of knowledge and advice. The workshops were an amazing cultural experience! I would definitely attend more workshops. Thank you!

- Agata

I really loved it! It was very fun and entertaining! Now I know when I get home I can make the 'Gol Shah Abbasi'!

- Tara

Amazing workshop loved it so much. Very relaxing and creative. The moment I made my first quilling petal was so rewarding. I was wondering if I could make it, then it was brilliant how Mona and Elaheh take me to steps of creating my art piece. Loved the story of Shah Abbasi flower and carpet flowers!

- Eli


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