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Our Story...

Iran Sheen is a social enterprise with the goal of empowering artisans making handmade, one-of-a-kind Iranian art by showcasing their designs globally.


I want my brand to motivate customers to embark on a discovery journey of Persian culture through the gateway of Iran’s handicrafts and contemporary designs.’ Elnaz Sedighara 

Old Beginnings

Elnaz cherished her beautiful Iranian pieces during her time in England. Her friends would fondly admire her wonderful trinkets and often ask her to bring something back for them. ‘Elnaz! Where can I get this ring? Could you bring me one next time you go to Iran?!’
But it was a long wait for her next trip. Finding a niche in the market for Iranian style, Elnaz was inspired to create her own brand… and Iran Sheen was born. Inspired by her roots and the spirit of Iranian heritage, she aimed to communicate Iranian culture through the language of art. Iran Sheen is the first UK platform to sell Iranian contemporary designs.

Our Mission

Taking the passion and soul of Iranian culture, Iran Sheen channels its energy and creativity in selling beautiful pieces with a cultural twist. Style comes in all shapes and forms, and we take inspiration from Iranian art, architecture, and folklore to shape our product lines. We curate the best Iranian designs and put them in our customers' hands to make them stand out from the crowd and add a signature touch to their living rooms.

Keeping up to date in the style stakes by collaborating with the best designers, we endeavour to make beautiful designs accessible to everyone. We work long and hard to give our customers the most authentic pieces from the most fantastic and visionary creators, and our relations keep getting stronger. No matter who you are and where you are, our core mission is cultural exchange. With all pieces lovingly hand-made in Iran from the finest materials, we endeavour to make Iran Sheen an affordable luxury to be loved by all. Our brand values are always reflected in our products: quality, style, and culture. Style made simple.


The Future

So what’s in store for us in the future? At Iran Sheen, we are always on the lookout to expand our range and develop our vision. As a company, we believe in growth; and we are constantly evolving to bigger and brighter adventures. We are currently dedicated to extending our womenswear and homeware lines to a wide range of pieces. We are working hard to give our customers the best Iran has to offer, and our online store is regularly updated with brand new pieces. But there is so much more to come. Currently, we are in the development of a menswear line for all those fashionable young males looking for effortless style.
We would be nowhere without our skilled craftsmen, and so it’s time to give back. We hope to connect with charities in promoting cultural exchange and support those all over the world in developing trade professions. We aim to endorse skills and trades, and are working to ensure that we conduct a Fair Trade collaboration with all our partners.
Lastly, we aim to make Iran Sheen a unique shopping experience. By setting up a teahouse with Persian delights, we are in the process of transforming our customers shopping experience to one for all the senses! Shopping is no longer just shopping; it will be a cultural journey. Keep your eyes peeled!
Join our journey. Follow our passion. Celebrate our culture.



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