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Ethics & Fair Trade

Iran Sheen as a social enterprise believes in maintaining a fair relationship with our designers which is why we work to hold up the 10 principles of Fair Trade prescribed by the World Fair Trade Organization. Below is more information about how Iran Sheen conforms to these principles of fair trade.
Creating opportunities for Disadvantaged Producers
With political sanctions placed on Iran, many Iranian designers have difficulty reaching a global audience where their art could be appreciated. Iran Sheen works with over 20 Iranian designers and believes in giving them an opportunity to showcase their designs globally.
Transparency and Accountability
Our designers have a close relationship with Iran Sheen, as we regularly meet with them in Iran to discuss their projects and to address their concerns. This relationship between Iran Sheen and our designers allows us to guarantee a high standard of quality in our products.
Fair Trading Practices
We always pay what the designer asks and never ask for discounts. We never cancel orders and we never request compensation for late delivery of orders. Iran Sheen believes that maintaining these fair trade practices gives our designers confidence in our support, which allows us to keep our close relationship with our designers.
Payment of a Fair Price
We never ask for discounts or better prices from our designers, we always pay the advertised price.
No Forced Labour
We only work with independent designers who receive their own asking price for their art. Our designers have complete control over their designs and production process, which allows them to fulfil their own vision in their art.
No Discrimination, Gender Equality and Freedom of Association
Iran Sheen only judges a designer on his or her art, we work with both male and female designers and we never question a designer’s religious affiliation.
Ensuring Good Working Conditions
We regularly meet with our designers where we can ensure that they are working in good conditions.
Providing Capacity Building
We give a voice to our designers to showcase their art internationally, through our website and events. Iran Sheen is a social enterprise with the goal of empowering artisans making handmade, one-of-a-kind Iranian art.
We also constantly look for opportunities that could suit our designers, for instance, finding internship opportunities from British institutes of art for our designers, or finding art exhibitions for their work where we act as facilitator. In addition, we hold online training time to time for our designers in order to help them develop.
Promoting Fair Trade
Iran Sheen tries to promote fair trade wherever it can, through our website or social media. We are proud of our commitment to fair trade and hope to widen awareness of fair trade in the general public.
Respect for the Environment
We reuse packaging wherever we can, from when the products are shipped from our designers to the delivery to our customers. We try to use sustainable raw materials in our products whenever possible, such as organic cotton. Our office is located in an energy efficient building which aims to minimise its carbon footprint.


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